Footloose Cast List


Below you will find the cast list for the 2021 spring musical, Footloose. As usual, we were blown away by the talent and preparation by the group as a whole and it made a lot of these decisions very, very, very difficult. 

As is the case with any production, this list will bring a mixed bag of joy and disappointmentWe as a production staff understand this and wish we had the power to give every person exactly what they wanted. Unfortunately, it simply cannot happen...and that stinks. If you would like specific feedback on your audition, Mr. Tallon is always happy to meet and discuss with you. As you get into 6th-8th grade this feedback is important to continue growing.


I would like to give a special shout out to our young 5th Graders who auditioned for the musical. Unfortunately, due to the sheer number constraints that we have due to COVID-19, there simply were not spots for the amazing 5th grade girls this year. However, I hope this does not detract them from being a part of our future of the next three years. Their time is coming and we will be counting on their amazing abilities soon. 


 If you are cast in the show, you must e-mail Mr. Tallon to either accept or decline your role. This must be done by the first rehearsal.

Our first rehearsal is Monday at 3:00. Due to the way this show is, pretty much everybody will be in every single number in one way or another.  You will receive a full schedule and more information at that time. Thank you.

In Order Of Appearance 

Ren McCormack

Aidan Richardson


Elizabeth Gray


Caty Minton


Jordan King


Chelsea Dryer

Ethel McCormack

Brooklyn Reese

Reverend Shaw Moore

Judah Dalton

Chuck Cranston/Cowboy Chet

Alex Mercier

Ariel Moore

Finley Benner

Vi Moore

Ellis Zimmerman

Cowgirl Bonnie

Annika Armstrong

Wes/Coach Dunbar

London Wollenweber


Lydia Wilcox


Haley Martin

Wendy Jo

Ani Kim

Willard Hewitt

Paul Bender

Principal Clark

Annika Armstrong


Isabella Lopez


Greyson Thome


Mikaela Jagodzinski

Betty Blast

Nevaeh Jackson

Eleanor Dunbar

Sarah Kirkwood

Cowboy Bobbie

Maddie Headrick

Cowgirl Jude/Jeter

Corinne Walker

Cowgirl Laura Jo

Addilyn Waddell


Levi Landes

Kids/Friends/Students/Girls/Boy 1/Boy 2/Guys

Congregation/Band/Council Members/Townspeople