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Metcalf Theatre History

Beginning in 1980, the Metcalf Theatre Department (Allied Arts Program) has been a foundation of Thomas Metcalf Lab School in Normal, IL. Initially serving as a simple alternative for the classic "Christmas Play" that school would do during the holiday season, the "Allied Arts" program was created and flourished under the leadership of Jane Thomley for over thirty years.

Currently being lead by Chad Tallon, Camille Strode, David Sulzberger, and Grace Irvin, the Metcalf Theatre Department continues to involve over one hundred students in each production and works towards making each student a better artist, as well as a better, more understanding human being. While at Thomas Metcalf students from grades four through eight will have the ability to be involved in two major productions a year as well as as many other co-curricular theatre activities. 

Metcalf Theatre Department's Mission Statement:


                            "The MTD's mission is to create well-rounded, thoughtful, creative students while using the arts as a vehicle for academic achievement. With a                                 goal of collaborative success, students will work to improve their thought process of understanding different individuals while becoming more                                   responsible, attentive, and caring to their fellow classmates. MTD's goal is, and always will be, to create more passionate, understandings                                       students who are free to express themselves and use different forms of art to better themselves and the community around them."


In addition to the "Metcalf Theatre Department", Thomas Metcalf School also offers Creative Drama classes for Grades K through 8. Check out the Gallery to see photos of what those classes are up to!


Pierce McDade ('19)

"Metcalf Theatre gave me the opportunity to do what I love with all of my friends."


Ashtyn Mitchell ('18)

"Doing theatre through elementary and middle school has shown me one of my passions in life. I have been able to find my voice."


Rene Mohammadi ('17)

"Theatre at Metcalf allowed me to discover my passion and helped create life skills such as trust, dedication, and hard work."


Owen Piker ('19)

"Metcalf Theatre gave me a whole new point of view. It showed me the importance of music and acting that I can incorporate in my daily life."


Zoe Miller-Zeller

"Metcalf Theatre helped me find my own voice and learn to be confident in my own skin."

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